The first Sunday in June is designated in BUUF’s bylaws as the congregational Annual Meeting. The 2020 Annual Meeting will take place on Sunday, June 7th, at 10:30 AM. This year’s meeting will be held via Zoom. We will use this time to:

  • Reflect upon the past year (State of the Fellowship report by Harvey Johnson)
  • Review and discuss the proposed 2020/21 fellowship budget
  • Vote for Board, Endowment Committee, and Nominating Committee candidates
  • Consider special proposals for the good of the fellowship (this year we will be voting on four separate endowment requests)

Members, Voting Members, and Friends of BUUF are invited to attend the Annual Meeting, which takes the place of our usual Sunday service.  To prepare, everyone is encouraged to review all available reports and proposals prior to the meeting. Only 2019-2020 voting members are eligible to vote at the meeting. (Please click on this link to see if you are a 2019-2020 voting member.)

Due to the added time requirements and complications when conducting a meeting via Zoom, guidelines for discussion will be introduced. Everyone will have the opportunity to participate in discussions with a two-minute time limit. Participants will be asked to mute their lines when not speaking. Those calling on land lines will be unmuted at appropriate times and ask if they would like to speak. Voting may take a bit longer than usual, but every eligible vote will be counted.

2019-20 BUUF Voting Members
Annual Meeting Minutes 2019
2020 Annual Meeting Agenda


Slate of Nominations for the 2020-21 Board, Endowment Committee and Nominating Committee:
2020.Nominating Committee Report_Annual Meeting


Endowment Requests for Fellowship Vote:
2020 Endowment Request for A-V Upgrade
HVAC Components Endowment Request.June 2020
Pothole Repair Endowment Request 04-09-2020
OWL endowment request_2020.rev


BUUF Committee/Team Reports
2020 Membership Team Annual Report
2020 Stewardship Team Annual Report
2020.Caring Team and Caring Fund Annual Report
2020.Endowment Comm Annual Report
2020_Green Sanctuary.Annual Report.6-7-20
2020.Parents Night Out Annual Report
2020.Social Justice Committee Report and Proposal.6-1-20
2020.Sunday Services Annual Report
AFD Committee_Annual Report_2020
BUUF Book Club 2020 Annual Report
BUUF FC Annual Report 2020
BUUF WCC Annual Report 2020
Child Care 2019-2020 Annual Report
RE Committee_Annual Report_2020
Safe Congregations Committee 2019-20 Annual Report


BUUF Employee Reports
dre_Annual Report_2020
Minister’s Report 2020
Music Directors Annual Report Spring 2020
Office Admin Annual Report 2020