Upcoming events are available on our Calendar.

Small Group Ministry 

In-person meetings the first Monday of the month from 6:30-8:00pm are ongoing.
To sign up, please text or email Brett Maccani at 269-591-0051 or dre@berrienuu.org.

Hebrew Wisdom Workshop

Please join us at for a light meal, followed by the workshop from 6:30-8:00pm. Rev. Jim McConnell, Brett Maccani and Joanne Krettek will serve as workshop facilitators. The workshop is appropriate for anyone age 6 and up.  RSVP: Simply email Joanne Krettek at jmkrettek@gmail.com to let us know you will attend.

The eight-session “Wisdom from the Hebrew Scriptures” multigenerational workshop takes place on the third Friday of every month from 6:30-8:00pm.

This is a fun, relaxed workshop led by our beloved minister, Rev. Jim McConnell, with assistance from Brett Maccani, DRE and former DRE Joanne Krettek. In each session, we review and discuss a particular story from the Hebrew Scriptures.

Activities and discussions will be appropriate to ages 6 and older. This is a great way to familiarize children with the Hebrew Scriptures without the pressure of accepting these stories as literal truth. The goal is to understand the context in which these stories were written, along with the timeless wisdom contained within each one.

All BUUFers are invited to attend. Please feel free to invite friends and family members to participate as well. Simply email Joanne Krettek at jmkrettek@gmail.com to let us know you will attend.

Here are the topics for all eight workshops in the series:
David & Goliath
David & Nathan – You Are that Man
Manna in the Wilderness
The Battle of the Jericho
Sarah, Hagar and Abraham
The Binding of Isaac
Isaiah – Exile and Hope

Creative Mindfulness Series – First Wednesday of the Month

Our own Katharine Lion is leading Creative Mindfulness classes the 1st Wednesday of the month from 6:30-7:30pm at the Bridgman Public Library. Come enjoy mindfulness for people who can’t sit still! Learn the skills of mindfulness (observation, attention, acceptance and non-judgment) through fun, creative practices. No artistic skill required. The classes are FREE but registration is required. Click this link to register.  (This is a community program offered by the Bridgman Public Library.  It is not an official BUUF program.)

New Moon Womyn’s Circle

BUUF’s New Moon Womyn’s circle meets on or near each new moon, gathering at BUUF or member homes and via Zoom. The group is for BUUFers with female gender identity, and is open to friends of BUUFers by invitation. Circle participants may join our private facebook group, New Moon Womyn.

Each circle usually includes a chalice/candle lighting and reading, member check-in, an activity and discussion.  Though we meet on or near the new moon each month, our focus is not limited to moon phases or astrology.  We explore ways to tap into our creativity, honor our whole selves, and explore our own intentions. Contact Lisa Fuller for more information.