Most of the important work of this fellowship is accomplished by volunteers. You are invited to join one or more volunteer committees or teams that align with your interests. A list of active committees and teams is shown below, along with a description of their work. Click here to volunteer.  Thank you for sharing your time and talents!

Note: If you have additional ideas for how to offer support, we want to hear from you! Please email with your proposed volunteer project or team.

Adult Faith Development: Under the direction of the RE Director, help plan and conduct Adult Faith Development sessions, such as Mindfulness Workshops, Creative Conversations, etc. May also help choose and conduct other UU adult curriculum. Contact Person: DRE Katharine Lion.

BUUF Musicians: Perform periodically at BUUF services and/or record music for Zoom services. Contact our Music Co-Directors for more information.

Building & Grounds: Assist with building & grounds maintenance, such as regular mowing, clearing snow and dust from the solar panels, building repair and maintenance, spring and fall yard clean-up, gardening. Contact Person: Harvey Johnson.

Caring Team: Send cards, coordinate services (meals, rides, visits).

Fundraising: Help with the important mission of funding the fellowship by planning, organizing, marketing and working special fundraising events, such as an auction or garage sale, plant sale, bake sale, book sale, etc. Also help with event clean-up. Fundraising Team Chair: Dave Sarra.

Green Sanctuary: Help plan Green Sanctuary events and projects related to Sustainable Living, Environmental Justice, Worship & Celebration and Religious Education; further BUUF’s status as a Green Sanctuary Candidate; market events like the Environmental Justice Film Series internally and externally. Green Sanctuary Co-Chairs: Dianne Gibbons and Harvey Johnson.

Janitorial Service: Sweep, mop, vacuum floors; clean and stock bathrooms, kitchen; remove dust, cobwebs.

Marketing: Promote BUUF activities with weekly news releases in small local papers which would provide free publicity. Generate and act upon additional ideas for community networking and visibility.

Membership: Promote a welcoming culture for members/visitors at Berrien UU; follow up with visitors; communicate with members and friends; coordinate new member Ingatherings; organize bi-annual UU AllComers event and annual Volunteer Recognition Service & Luncheon. Membership Team Co-Chairs: Lisa Fuller and Joanne Krettek.

Religious Education: Under the direction of the RE Director, plan and conduct RE classes for children. May also assist with special projects involving the fellowship’s children. Contact Person: DRE Katharine Lion.

Safe Congregation: Continually review the UUA’s suggestions for keeping people of all ages safer from physical and emotional harm and update our policy as needed, identify our safety risks, create a list of resources (local, state & federal), create a plan for emergency preparedness & update our employee / volunteer application. Safe Congregation Chair: Beth La Fleur.

Social Justice: Coordinate with Social Justice partners such as Calling All Colors; add Social Justice and partner events to Berrien UU calendar; coordinate participation in Social Justice projects or events such as the Soup Kitchen; further the Berrien UU Social Justice vision; help determine distribution of Social Justice endowment funds. Social Justice Co-Chairs: Clark & Nancy Gilpin.

Solstice/Equinox Services: Help with planning and conducting the summer & winter solstice, spring and fall equinox services.

Stewardship: Help plan and conduct the annual pledge drive and planned giving efforts. In cooperation with the Treasurer and Bookkeeper, keep the fellowship apprised of BUUF’s financial condition and collection of annual pledges on a regular basis. Discuss and celebrate members’ financial commitment year-round, connecting it to all aspects of our activities and mission. Stewardship Chair: Joanne Krettek.

Sunday Services: Create Sunday service calendar of themes and topics; coordinate and schedule Sunday Service speakers and service leaders; set up sanctuary (as needed) and/or manage Zoom hosts; set guidelines for Sunday services. Sunday Services Chair: Lisa Fuller.

Tech Support: Manage/host Zoom services, edit and post recorded services, create slides, edit music recordings and match with slides, operate projector for in-person services. Contact Lisa Fuller for more information.

Welcoming Congregation: Coordinate annual Welcoming Congregation re-certification; plan Welcoming Congregation events; work with DRE and minister to provide education. Welcoming Congregation Chair: Katharine Lion.