• Your pledge of financial support for Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship makes it possible to bring together a community passionately committed to social justice that collectively advocates for a more ethical, life-affirming, democratic, and sustainable society. We accomplish this through weekly Sunday services, ongoing children’s religious education and Adult Faith Development, pastoral care for members and friends, our Green Sanctuary initiatives, partnering with community organizations such as the Benton Harbor Soup Kitchen, Citizens Climate Lobby, All God’s Children Choir, Southwest Michigan Interfaith Action Council, and more. Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship member voting status is renewed annually. A signed Affirmation and Pledge form for the current church year (July-June) is required for BUUF voting membership.
  • 1. Affirm Berrien UU Fellowship's Mission and Covenant

  • Your signature affirms Berrien UU Fellowship's Mission and Covenant--

    Mission: For every individual searching for spiritual meaning Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship provides a welcoming and caring religious community dedicated to diversity, social justice, and peace for all.

    Covenant: We of the Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship agree and promise to provide a caring community that nurtures and respects the worth and dignity of each person, recognizes the interdependence of all living things, supports the individual in the search for spirituality and the explorations of the mysteries of life, and extends itself into the world in which we live.
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  • 2. Pledge your Financial and / or In-kind Support

  • When we make a commitment of financial support, we affirm our belief in this community, its principles and each other, and we engage in the spiritual art of giving. The UUA recommends that members pledge a “fair-share” contribution of 2 to 10% of income. Those not giving at this level currently may want to consider it a goal to strive for over the coming years. All contributions of any amount are welcomed and appreciated.
  • * Note: PayPal charges BUUF a service fee of $0.30 plus 1-3% for every transaction
  • In-kind support is a pledge to provide a good or service that would otherwise be a Fellowship expense (e.g., snow plowing, fair trade coffee, childcare, janitorial services or supplies, etc.)
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  • Membership benefits include Annual Meeting voting rights which take effect 30 days after signing this form, an annual subscription to UU World, and an annual one-time use of BUUF’s facilities for a private engagement.