In addition to our children’s and adult religious education activities, there are even more ways to connect or be involved at Berrien UU.

Potluck Sunday (1st Sunday Monthly)

The first Sunday of each month everyone is invited to participate in our monthly potluck. Sharing a meal helps us slow down and connect with each other. Participation in the potluck can take many forms: bringing a dish to pass, enjoying food and fellowship, or helping with clean up.

Ethical Eating Potluck and Environmental Justice Film Series (3rd Thursday Monthly)

As part of our dedication to environmental justice, we pay attention to the impact of our involvement in the food system. Ethical eating recognizes the moral consequences of our food choices. The ways our societies raise, buy, and consume our food has direct effects on the earth, plants and animals, and humans who work to make our food available. Movies and documentaries of environmental justice interest are screened free and followed by discussion.

As always, all BUUF members, family and friends are welcome to share an evening of yummy food and good conversation.

New Moon Womyn’s Circle (Monthly)

This collaborative circle meets on or near each new moon. The group is for BUUFers with female gender identity, and open to friends of BUUFers by invitation. Our circles are hybrid, gathering at BUUF or member homes and via Zoom. The agenda generally consists of a chalice/candle lighting and reading, member check-in, an activity and discussion. Though we meet on or near the new moon each month, our focus is not necessarily on moon phases or astrology. We mainly explore ways to tap into our creativity, honor our whole selves, and explore our own intentions.

UU AllComers (Twice per Year)

We encourage anyone interested in our fellowship or in Unitarian Universalism to attend our UU AllComers program to get to know more about us. UU AllComers is conducted by our minister, Rev. Jim McConnell and other BUUF leaders. It provides an overview of Unitarian Universalist identity, history, and theology. It is designed especially for (but not limited to) those new to BUUF or Unitarian Universalism.

UU AllComers participants will hear about our fellowship and its programs. Members identify personal attitudes about religion and spirituality, and share them with the other group members. We explore the diversity of prior religious experiences of the participants.

A light meal is provided. UU AllComers is often part of the path to Berrien UU membership.

Annual Pledge Celebration Dinner & Cabaret (Spring)

The dinner is a celebration of our fundraising process. Entertainment is cabaret style skits and songs performed by Berrien UU members and friends.

Parents’ Night Out

Periodically, adult volunteers and child care workers will host a fun evening of food and activities for children 12 and under, usually on a Friday or Saturday night. BUUF members and friends are invited to drop off their children or grandchildren, especially those who already participate in our RE program. Often, parents will organize a group outing during this time period. However, adults are also free to enjoy a date night, shopping trip or other activity. All participants need to have a completed registration form on file before joining the event. There is no charge for participation.

Green Funerary

With traditional burial and cremation processes having large carbon footprints, identification of ‘greener’ post-death practices is part of BUUF’s Green Sanctuary five-year plan. Anyone interested in learning about green burial and other sustainable funerary practices is invited to join hosts Jim and Lisa Fuller for discussion and exploration.

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