The first Sunday in June is designated in BUUF’s bylaws as the congregational Annual Meeting. Congregants use this time to

  • reflect upon the past year
  • vote for Board, Endowment Committee, and Nominating Committee candidates,
  • consider special proposals for the good of the fellowship, and
  • approve the Operating Budget for the coming church year, which begins July 1.

Members, Voting Members, and Friends of BUUF are invited to attend the Annual Meeting, which takes the place of our usual Sunday service.  To prepare, everyone is encouraged to review all available reports and proposals prior to the meeting.  Links become active after reports are posted.

Agenda.Annual Meeting 2018

Annual Meeting Minutes 2017

President’s Report 2018

Minister’s Report 2018

BUUF 2018-2019 Proposed Budget.hj

Change for Change Report 2018

BUUF DRE Annual Report 2018

New DRE LookingForward 2018-19

2018.Nominating Committee Report_Annual Meeting_Final

2018.Social Justice Committee Report and Proposal_Annual Meeting

2018_Green Sanctuary.Annual Report.6-3-18

Endowment Committee Annual Report 2018

BUUF Music Report 2017-18

Report on Membership and Caring 2018

BUUF Welcoming Congregation 2018

Report on Building and Grounds 2018

2018 Sunday Services_Board Report

2018 Five-Year Plan Review, State of the Fellowship, Action Plan for 2018-2019

2018-2019 State of the Fellowship Action Plan

2018 Book Club Report

New Spending Proposals

Financial Increase Proposal 2018

Proposal to Sell Stoles Online

Music Proposal 2018

Window Proposal for BUUF