If you have visited BUUF and feel it’s right for you, we invite you to become a member.

All new and continuing Members and Friends of BUUF are invited to submit a BUUF Member/Friend Profile. Profiles may be featured in the BUUF Announce newsletter, or shared within BUUF’s private Facebook group.

General Membership: Affirm BUUF’s Mission and Sign the Membership Book

General Membership is open to any person 14 years of age or older who affirms BUUF’s Mission and signs BUUF’s membership book.

At least annually, new members are Ingathered into the congregation during Sunday Service. The membership book may be signed during the Ingathering ceremony, or at any time.

General membership does not include voting rights. To participate in congregational votes one must become a Voting Member by submitting BUUF’s Affirmation and Pledge form annually for the current church year (July 1-June 30). Voting Membership is renewed annually by completing the Affirmation and Pledge form.

Voting Membership: Make a Pledge of record annually

An important privilege of membership is the right to vote in congregational meetings. Voting members are also eligible to serve on BUUF’s Board of Trustees and aid in the governance of our fellowship. Details are spelled out in our Bylaws.

Voting members use parliamentary procedure to elect officers, approve the annual budget, and make other major decisions. An Annual congregational meeting is held the first Sunday of June.

To be eligible to participate in a congregational vote, a person 18 years or older must have been a member for at least 30 days and also have submitted BUUF’s Affirmation and Pledge form for the current church year (July 1-June 30). Voting membership must be renewed annually.  To maintain Voting membership a new Affirmation and Pledge form must be submitted each year. BUUF’s Stewardship team hosts a pledge renewal canvass each Spring.

The financial requirement for Voting Members may be waived in cases of hardship.

Click here for BUUF’s Affirmation and Pledge form (complete annually to maintain Voting Membership).

Friend Status

Those who choose to not sign the membership book, but regularly participate in church services and activities and make a financial contribution, are referred to as Friends of BUUF. Friends are welcome to participate in almost all church activities. However, since only members can vote and hold office, friends cannot fully participate in BUUF’s democratic process.