The Membership Team functions as a liaison between Berrien UU’s Religious Leader (RL) Jim McConnell, the Congregation and the Board of Trustees.  Its goal is to foster healthy communication between the Congregation and the Religious Leader, and to communicate to the Board written concerns received about the Fellowship’s ministerial programs.

If you wish not to be identified to the subject of your concern(s), the CoM will make every effort to respect your confidentiality. But to evaluate and investigate concerns, your name is required. You will be given personal feedback.

Healthy Communications

Effectively communicate your compliments, suggestions or concerns for BUUF Ministerial Programs, which include the the Religious Leader and his activities, the Religious Education Programs, Sunday Services and COSA.
  • Preference is about personal preference: music, wall color, chair style, publications, religious curricula and the sermons. Because we operate by policy governance, and because most decisions of consequence are clearly delineated via our governance documents, most of the time individual preference is acknowledged, and occasionally changes or adjustments are made. Most of the time the preference is simply acknowledged.

    Performance would be things like: not returning email in a timely manner, failing to perform some essential function of a job or something similar.

    Policy has to do with violation of the board governance policy--failure to comply with the government regulations or failing to report something essential to the board, violating a contract, or something similar.
  • The Membership Team will review Religious Leader concerns and/or pass them on to the Board. If you wish not to be identified to the person of your concern(s), we will make every effort to respect your confidentiality.
  • Thank you for your Input !

    Joanne Krettek Lisa Fuller