The first Sunday in June is designated in BUUF’s bylaws as the congregational Annual Meeting. The 2022 Annual Meeting will take place on Sunday, June 5th, at 10:30 AM, in lieu of our regular Sunday service. This year’s meeting will be held both in-person and over Zoom.

We will use this time to:

  • Reflect upon the past year (brief report by BUUF President Harvey Johnson)
  • Review and discuss the proposed 2022/23 Fellowship Budget (presented by Treasurer Dick Berndt)
  • Vote for Board, Endowment Committee, and Nominating Committee candidates
  • Consider any special endowment requests or proposed changes to our bylaws

Members, Voting Members, and Friends of BUUF are invited to attend the Annual Meeting.  To prepare, everyone is encouraged to review all available reports and proposals prior to the meeting. Only 2021-2022 voting members are eligible to vote at the meeting. (Please click on this link to see if you are a 2021-2022 voting member.)

As new proposals or nominees are introduced, all participants will have the opportunity to join in the discussion with a two-minute time limit. Votes will be tallied in person, then communicated to our Secretary Joan Guilfoyle, who will then add them to the Zoom vote totals and announce the result.

Join us in this annual exercise in democracy. Your input is important.

List of 2021-22 Voting Members 5-31-22

6-6-2021 Annual Meeting Minutes BUUF

6-1-2022 BUUF Committee Chairs and Key Volunteer Positions as of June 2022

BUUF State of the Fellowship report by Harvey Johnson Board President June 5 2022

BUUF 2022 05 I and E plus 2022-23 prop budget2022jun14


Slate of Nominations for the 2020-21 Board, Endowment Committee and Nominating Committee

5-31-2022 Nominations and Leadership Development Annual Meeting Report


BUUF Committee/Team Reports

2022_Green Sanctuary.Annual Report.6-5-22

2022 Membership Annual Report

2022 Sunday Services Annual Meeting Report

Welcoming Congregation Committee Report

BUUF Social Justice Report 2022

FY 21-22.Endowment Annual Report

Treasurer 2022 annual meeting report

Stewardship Committee 2022 annual meeting report

BUUF 2022 05 Income and Expense

BUUF 2022 05 Balance Sheet

BUUF 2022 05 I and E plus 2022-23 prop budget2022jun14


BUUF Employee Reports

Minister’s Report for Annual Meeting 2022

Office Admin Annual Report 2022

DRE Annual Report 2022

Music Director’s Report


Endowment Requests

Endowment Request for Electric Riding Mower $2860