More than ever before, the time is ripe for bringing together all who desire to advance the cause of freedom and human community through liberal religion.  (Mendelsohn, Meet the Unitarian Universalists: UUA, 1966)

Dear Members and Friends of Berrien UU Fellowship,

BUUF’s board is finalizing next year’s budget, effective July 1, 2019, for the Annual Meeting next Sunday. Both the current year’s pledge donations and next year’s pledge campaign are well short of the funds needed to meet our operational expenses.

If you have an intense need to think independently, BUUF is your place.

If you find the essence of religion in character and conduct rather than in doctrines, creeds, dogmas and catechisms, BUUF is your place.

If you want religious education founded on the conviction that we are bound to the universe and all that sustains it, BUUF is your place.

If BUUF is your place, please help keep it running.

Make a pledge of financial support to fund high quality programming. (If you have already submitted a pledge, thank you! Can you help with time, or fundraising, also?)
Make a one time (or recurring) donation.
Pledge your time to ensure janitorial, lawn mowing, and other tasks are completed with little cost.
Contribute your entrepreneurial prowess to help with fundraising and expenses.

With your support BUUF will continue as a beacon of liberal religion and a place of hope for every person searching for spiritual meaning.

BUUF’s Annual Meeting of the congregation is 10:30 am, Sunday, June 2, in place of our regular service. I hope you will attend. Your participation in the life of this liberal religious fellowship is vital to its continued existence.

Thank you for considering a gift of money, time or talent to Berrien UU Fellowship.


Lisa Fuller, President
Board of Trustees

Celebrating 60 years of Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship religious liberalism, where:
-Truth is a growing, not a finished, thing.
-Beliefs are not bound to a creedal test.
-Children discover religion in their own unfolding lives, not through indoctrination.
-Beauty and truth is recognized in all world religious faiths.
-Your fullest possible use of reason is encouraged.
-You are free to wonder about—even doubt—the existence of God, the nature of God, the effectiveness of prayer, the value of the Bible, the possibility of immortality, and still be religious.
-Honest doubt is not considered heresy.