Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship annual operating expenses are approximately $50,000.   Revenue is generated from pledged donations, unpledged donations, cash donations, building use, and endowment income.  About 50% of expenses are covered by pledges and other cash donations.  Endowment income provides approximately 20% of Berrien UUs annual operating expenses.

To raise the remaining 30% of annual operating funds, various fundraisers are held throughout the year.

How can you contribute to Berrien UU fundraising?

  • Make an annual pledge of support.  It is common for members in UU congregations to pledge 2-3% of their annual income.
  • Contribute to the Offering each week.  A few quarters, a dollar or more in the basket helps meet our monthly expenses and demonstrates regular stewardship.
  • Share ideas for ways you and others can help contribute to Berrien UU fundraising efforts.
  • Chair a Berrien UU fundraising event.  From one-time events to ongoing fundraising efforts, there are many opportunities to be involved.
  • Donate to special fundraising requests

Help with Fundraising and Expenses