Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship annual operating expenses are approximately $31,000.   Revenue is generated from pledged donations, unpledged donations, cash donations, building use, and endowment income.  About 58% of expenses are covered by pledges and other cash donations.  Endowment income provides approximately 22% of Berrien UUs annual operating expenses.

To raise the remaining 20% of annual operating funds, various fundraisers are held throughout the year. Reaching back to the days of the Silver Fiddle Coffee House, music has been important to Berrien UU fundraising.  For several years Berrien UU presented world reknowned ragtime pianist Bob Milne as a community concert and fundraiser.

How can you contribute to Berrien UU fundraising?

  • Make an annual pledge of support.  It is common for members in UU congregations to pledge 2-3% of their annual income.
  • Contribute to the Offering each week.  A few quarters, a dollar or more in the basket helps meet our monthly expenses and demonstrates regular stewardship.
  • Bring your new ideas to the Board about ways you and others can help contribute to Berrien UU fundraising efforts.
  • Chair a Berrien UU fundraising event.  From one-time events to ongoing fundraising efforts, there are many opportunities to be involved.
  • Participate in special fundraising requests