Sunday, May 26th, 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
This Sunday, May 26th is Super Power Sunday. Rev. Jim McConnell’s sermon is titled “If I Had a Super Power,” in which he will reveal his super power.  Nico Rojas, David La Fleur, and Ellen Higdon will imagine with us what they would do if they had a super power. Gloria Weberg will be leading us in the Fabric of Life Ceremony, and Oliver and Lois will help us open the service. Terry Sundstrom will read the Story for All Ages. Janice Zerfas will bring us a poem. Beth La Fleur will be on the piano, and the BUUF Musicians will bring us a musical number.
This may sound like a jokey topic. It is not. How would you change the world if you had a super power? There will be a time in the service when anyone attending can share their own super power.
Come, share, and maybe change the world a bit.
What if each of us already possesses a super power?