September 12, 2021 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Joanne Krettek
Sunday Service: "Water Communion" @ Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

This Sunday, September 12th, we will have our annual Water Communion service. It is when we merge the symbolic waters that we each bring from our own sacred sources. For some of us, it may be the pool or lake where we swam this summer. For others, it may be the rivers we canoed or the fountain or splash pad where we played. It could be the hose we used to water our garden or the pond where we sat to meditate. What makes our water sacred is the special meaning it holds for us, the memories we connect to it.

Please identify your sacred water source and collect a small amount in a jar or bottle so you can bring it to the service. If there are multiple children in the family, please encourage each one to identify a sacred water source and collect a sample. During the service, each BUUFer will be encouraged to pour their water into the communal bowl and share the source and why it is sacred to them. We’ll then bless the water and pour it in our BUUF gardens.

If you are unable to attend the service in person, you are invited to drop off your water sample at BUUF or make arrangements for another BUUFer to pick it up. Please attach a description of your water to the bottle or jar so it can be read at the service. Or, you can share your water offering with us over Zoom.

We will be interspersing the Water Communion with stories about the role water plays in various religious traditions. We will also enjoy some special music by Julie Williams. The is an intergenerational service for both children and adults. Please join us.