Along with Glen Smith and Beth La Fleur, I’m a member of the Endowment Committee.  Following is why I’ve included BUUF in my will.

As a UU for many years, I was thrilled to find BUUF after moving from Illinois. Here I’ve found friendship.  I have been able to give Sunday morning talks on issues that are important to me.  I’ve received counseling.  When my younger son died at Bronson, Rev. Jim drove up there.  When I asked him to be back-up to my friend when I had knee surgery, he came even though my friend was there.  In sickness, BUUFers have brought food.  At BUUF I’ve been able to continue developing my own theology.  BUUF enables me to work with others for social and environmental justice, to make difference – for ethical eating for taking care of the earth and its creatures and not just white straight gentiles.  I enjoy the children’s participation in services.  A BUUF elf has done many things to keep my home intact in exchange for contributions to BUUF.  And, another BUUFer cleaned my gutters.

BUUF is a place where all are encouraged to express their ideas, to speak at a Sunday service, to enjoy our wonderful woods.  It’s important to plan for BUUF’s future financial stability– for a healthy planet for our children.  To make sure BUUF has sufficient funds to maintain a minister, staff, R/E, building and grounds. The furnace may be on its last legs.  And the parking lot.  The chairs in the sanctuary came from the Endowment Fund.  Also, the solar panels.  We have a bargain in Jim.  If a future minister does even three-fourths of what he provides us, she will be costly. Each year BUUF’s budget includes a percentage from the Fund.  BUUF is important not just for members but for all the good that we do.  It’s a forward-looking congregation for Berrien County.  I encourage those of you who can at this time include BUUF in your plans.  Others may have reasons to delay such as family concerns­.  But don’t forget to do it if it’s financially feasible.  You parents probably realize how important R.E. and participation in services are to your children in their future lives as they seek the truth in love.