From the desk of Dave Sarra, 2019 Welcoming Congregation Chair…

The Welcoming Congregation Committee (WCC) has uploaded to the UUA its application to renew BUUF’s status as a Welcoming Congregation!  Thanks go out to all of you who have contributed to this lengthy process!

This Sunday (January 12) the WCC will meet after the service (noonish) to discuss this annual renewal process and start planning for 2020.  Renewing should be easier the second time around, as we can learn from the mistakes we made this year.

There is new information available from the UUA that should be helpful in preparing for this annual task, in particular monthly ZOOM orientations.  Here is what the UUA has posted:


The Welcoming Congregation Program is a volunteer program for congregations that want to take intentional steps to be more welcoming and inclusive of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Start the program for the first time, do a refresher course, or take your welcome to the next level.

*** To learn about the NEW Welcoming Congregations renewal program, we are inviting religious leaders and congregants to join one (or more) of our Five Practices of Welcome Renewal – Monthly ZOOM Orientation sessions. ***

Please join us this Sunday if you’re invested in keeping BUUF recognized as a Welcoming Congregation!  The WCC is in need of new members to help carry the torch!  Thank you!

Dave Sarra
WCC Chairperson