My dear friends of Berrien UU Fellowship,

We’ve had so much joy recently! 

60th Anniversary Celebration

After months of meetings and planning, Dave Sarra and Harvey Johnson emcee’d a glorious 60th Anniversary Celebration.  Important contributors to the event included Joanne Krettek, whose wonderful notes kept the planning team on track; Nan Lundeen, who produced a thoughtful and concise press release; Lisa Quinlan, who created the original art for our invitation; Deej Leggitt, who worked with her friends at Mason Jar and Ronora Lodge to produce a very impressive and delicious meal.  Katharine Lion, Brian Kemp, Walter Dalgleish, Joanne, Dave, and others arranged and decorated the tables for our meal.  Jim Dalgleish penned new lyrics and created the instant classic, “Hey, Hey, We’re the BUUFers.”  (Hey Hey We’re the Buufers Lyrics)

Former BUUF ministers Diane Fuller Brown and Michael Brown flew in from New Mexico.  BUUFs first ever Director of Religious Education, Renee Kauffmann, came in from South Carolina.  Even Mother Nature showed up with a blanket of amazing Spring snow.  It was so moving to be visited by out-of-town friends Emily Hecht, Tom Hackley and Emily Bettencourt, Kristen Lownds, with Eleanor and Ezra, and Glen and Suzi Smith.  Ken Richards came in from South Haven!  Former RE students Emily Sarra and Walter Dalgleish added youthful energy to the evening. 

I am surely leaving out important contributors.  Know that everyone’s efforts blended for a truly special evening. 

The Anniversary dinner was followed by an inspiring Sunday Service filled with hopeful words for the future of BUUF and UUism.  

10th Anniversary of Rev. Jim McConnell’s Ministry at BUUF

And then there was the 10th Anniversary Celebration of our beloved religious leader, Rev. Jim McConnell.  So many touching tributes, and again, so many unique contributions.  Joanne wrote a special story, Jim D wrote more special lyrics, former BUUF religious leader Beth LeFever visited from Tennessee to surprise Rev. Jim and deliver our homily, the children of BUUF created a special tree with fingerprinted leaves to thank him for ‘helping them grow.’  Former BUUF religious leader Rev. Dr. Roger Brewin shared his appreciation for Rev. Jim as his own minister.  And Gloria Weberg artfully joined 24 hand-decorated muslin squares into a stunning 4-sided quilt.  Everything was so incredibly special. 

New Member Ingathering

On the day of Jim’s celebration we were also honored to welcome four new members to the BUUF family. 

Suzi and Glen Smith (far right in photo) have been visiting BUUF at least once each year for the past several years.  They travel full-time for Suzi’s work as a speaker and workshop leader.  Of all the UU congregations they have visited across the country, they chose BUUF to join as members. 

Sandy Walker (far left) has been attending services, Environmental Justice films, and other BUUF events for a few years.  She is a nurse, and recently changed her work schedule to be more available on weekends.

Brett Maccani (second from left) began visiting in February and was moved to join the new member gathering also.  He’s a familiar face at Sunday Services and Environmental Justice films.

This Fellowship is the community of ourselves, and each new member changes the community in their own unique way.  I am excited to have these new voices and spirits in our congregation.  New members Glen, Suzi, Sandy and Brett will be invited to complete their member profiles for the book of members we are compiling.  Keep an eye out for their stories.

New!  Evening Childcare 

Another new face around the Fellowship is Keely Small. Keely is available to provide childcare during certain evening events.  Evening childcare will be a work in progress.  Out of respect for Keely’s time, we will want firm commitments of childcare needs at least 24 hrs in advance of evening events.  The board is excited to offer parents this childcare service for evening events.  We hope it will make attending them a little easier.  

I deeply love this fellowship with its old and new friends.  Thank you to everyone for creating this community.  I am so grateful and proud.  

Lisa Marie Fuller, President
BUUF Board of Trustees