BUUF’s Sunday Services team meets the first Wednesday of each month from 6:30-7:30 pm.  All are welcome to contribute to the agenda and/or attend meetings.  Contact Lisa Fuller at lmfuller0116@gmail.com for more information.

At our February meeting we addressed the length of services which have occasionally been greater than 60 minutes.  Rev. Jim and the SS team will work together to keep services close to 60 minutes.

Addressing politics during services has been identified as a concern by some BUUF members.  There are many UUA and UU the Vote resources to help congregations navigate this area.  The intention is to be ‘prophetic, not partisan’.  Anyone interested in discussing this topic in detail can contact Lisa for more information.

There was good feedback regarding recent guest speakers.  Local Black and Youth voices are being invited to participate in future services.

Sunday Services are edited and posted to YouTube each week.  The SS team is learning about copyright rules and permissions to ensure ethical posts. 

Upcoming themes and topics are presented below.  All are welcome to contribute ideas for upcoming services, suggest themes, topics, music and meditation pieces for future services, or volunteer to participate in services as a reader.  

February: Beloved Community

28th–BUUF’s Beloved Community—Ingathering, recognitions

March: Rebirth & Renewal

7th–International Women’s Day
14th–Spring Comes and the Grass Grows by Itself
21st–Spring Equinox
28th–Education (Fabric of Life)

April: For Every Person Searching for Spiritual Meaning
(We’ll be inviting BUUF RE graduates to speak throughout the month)

18th–(Pledge Kick-off) (Earth Day, Apr 22)
25th–(Fabric of Life)