The Sunday Services team met last week to review our virtual services and plan topics for the next few months. If anyone would like to provide Sunday Services feedback, participate in a meeting, assist with Sunday morning production, or contribute to any of the services with a reading, music or other, please contact or

The team discussed how to better meet the worship and RE needs of our children.  Director of Religious Education Katharine Lion will be communicating with parents to form a plan. 

Did you know? Services are being recorded, edited and posted on BUUF’s YouTube page. Simply search ‘Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship’ on YouTube to access recordings of past services. The Welcoming Words, Chalice Words, Readings and the Sermon are included in each video. Occasionally, views of the Zoom gallery (featuring faces of service participants) are captured. If you prefer not to appear in recordings, simply turn off your camera.

Following in the footsteps of the Welcoming Congregation requirements for year-round service elements, the Sunday Services team will be recognizing at least six Racial Justice days of observance and including dedicated services on Black Lives, Indigenous Peoples, and Immigrant/Migrant topics.

Services will continue virtually for the foreseeable future.  

August’s worship theme is Conscience, Morality and Ethics. The following topics are planned:

  • 2 Aug – America’s Moral Divide
  • 9 Aug – Ethical Eating w/Blessing of the Animals
  • 16 Aug – Atheist Morality and Conscience
  • 23 Aug – 1619 Project
  • 30 Aug – How to Avoid Being Bitter and Angry

September’s worship theme is Green Sanctuary, with these topics planned:

  • 6 Sep – Labor Day Service; Blessing of the Backpacks
  • 13 Sep – Water Service
  • 20 Sep – Autumn Equinox
  • 27 Sep – Green Sanctuary

October’s worship theme will be Democracy, with special attention given to: our 5th UU principle, voter suppression, 100th Anniversary of women voting, LGBTQA people & democracy.

November’s theme will be ‘How does looking back help us look forward?’ Topics considered include history of colonialists, transcendentalism, colonial and US history, theological past.

Lisa Fuller, Sunday Services Chair