This Sunday, February 10th, BUUF is celebrating Valentine’s Day. Experts on Romantic Love, Dave Sarra, Jim Fuller, Gloria Weberg and Vanessa Crenshaw, will share their experience on the topic of romantic love. Rev. Jim McConnell will bring a message titled, “Love’s Been a Little Bit Hard On Me.”
Some of the BUUF young people will help open the service, Katharine Lion will tell the Story For All Ages, June Blackwell will bring a poem, the BUUF Musicians will treat us to another wonderful Special Music number, Candace Onweller will be at the piano, and Harvey Johnson will lead us in hymn singing. In addition, Dorothy Long will be presenting a Welcoming Congregation renewal statement on love encompassing more than heterosexual affection.
This Sunday is the culmination of our Sock Drive for the Homeless. After the service there will be an Outrageous Sock contest. Charlie DeGraaf and Michelle McHale will be judges. During the Religious Education class for children, Tina Eberly and Katharine Lion will lead the children in decorating socks for the Outrageous Sock contest.
If you are in love or ever have been in love, this might be the service for you.