Sunday, March 24, 10:30 am – 11:30 am

This Sunday, March 24th, we will investigate the “Importance of Goofing Off.”  It turns out that the inspiration to advance civilization, solve our personal problems, and make our lives joyous most often comes to us when we are in a relaxed frame of mind, being a little bit silly, just doing nothing, or staring off into space.  It is my theory (Rev. Jim McConnell) that most of the elements of human culture were revealed to us in our dreams or while at play.  For instance, Mendeleyev dreamed the periodic table before he gave it to the world, Coleridge composed “Kubla Khan in his sleep and Descartes lay drowsily in bed all day inventing the Cartesian Coordinate System and Analytical Geometry.  It has even been found that workers are more productive if they have a little time to nap or goof-off during their work day.
Join us for some goofing-off this Sunday  The kids are invited to come in their pajamas and you are invited to wear an item of clothing that you are most likely to wear when goofing off, such as bedroom slippers, special sweat pants or an old bathrobe.  I (Jim) will be wearing a really ratty old hoody that is my favorite goofing-off garment.
This service will include a New Member Ingathering Ceremony for any individuals who would like to formally become members of the fellowship. Rachel Reed will be teaching the RE class for children on “Green Energy.” Also, there will be a BUUF Musicians Rehearsal before the service and a Sunday Services Team Meeting following the service.