Sunday, February 9th, 10:30 am – 11:30 am

This Sunday, February 9th, BUUF will celebrate Valentine’s Day. The service will be focused on mature love in committed relationships. In his hopeful sermon titled: “Romantic Love and the Pornographic Society,” Rev. Jim McConnell will explore how Loving Kindness and greater consciousness can heal the brokenness in our American Society which spends more on pornography than on foreign aid. Additionally, David La Fleur will have some thoughts to share on mature love, Vicky Dwyer will bring us a love poem, Silas Lorenz will tell the Story for All Ages, and the BUUF Musicians will bring us some more wonderful music.
Prior to the service, there will be a board meeting at 9 AM and a BUUF Musicians rehearsal at 9:30 AM. Following the service, there will be a Welcoming Congregation team meeting to elect a new chair and plan the Welcoming Congregation renewal process for 2020-21.
Come and Be!!