This Sunday, February 3rd, the theme of the service is Self Discovery and Personal Growth. In this service we will examine the dynamics of personal and spiritual growth and discuss the meaning of ‘enlightenment.’ Rev. Jim McConnell will deliver a message titled, “Me and My Shadow: Where There is Pain There is Possibility.” Young persons Matt Bell, Persephone Tusciuk, and Helena La Fleur will help with the service opening. Persephone Tusciuk will tell the “Story for All Ages,” Tracie Crenshaw will bring a poem, and Tanya Tusciuk and Jaryn Ruggless will talk about their experiences of self discovery and growth. The BUUF Musicians will bring us the song, “It’s a Wonderful World.” Candace Onweller will be at the piano, and Harvey Johnson will lead us in song. Tina Eberly will teach Children’s RE on the topic of “Joy in Nature: Animal Play.”
February 3rd is also Potluck Sunday! Following the potluck, there will be an Anniversary Celebration Planning Session led by Dave Sarra, from Noon to 1:00 PM. The State of the Fellowship Discussion will begin immediately after, led by Lisa Fuller and Harvey Johnson.
This is an important Sunday.  See you there.