This Sunday, January 6th, is Friendship Sunday. The theme of the service is “Friendship” and everybody is invited to bring a friend. This is not an attempt at evangelizing; it is just a good opportunity to bring a friend to church and the potluck that follows. If you cannot bring a friend, consider bringing a family member or your spouse. Or, two members of the congregation can bring each other! If your friend is far away, you have lost track of him or her, or is deceased, bring a memory or a brief story of that person to share. What better way to begin the New Year than with friends and a great BUUF Potluck!
Harvey Johnson will lead singing and the BUUF Musicians will perform. Tracie Crenshaw, Keely Adams, and Deej Leggitt will talk about their experiences with friendship. Jim Fuller and June Blackwell will be bringing us the Poet’s Corner and the Story for All Ages, and Rev. Jim McConnell will bring a message titled, “Who is a Friend?”

The BUUF Musicians will hold their weekly rehearsal prior to the service at 9:30 AM. There will be an Anniversary Celebration Planning Session following the service around noon.

See you Sunday!