Small Group Ministry, also known as “covenant groups” and “chalice circles,” is a meeting of 4-7 members. It is a time to share our perspectives, tell our stories, and listen deeply. The time together is structured, much like an AA group, one person talks at a time while others listen; the listeners cannot interrupt, respond or offer suggestions to help. The group begins and ends with centering readings and includes time for quiet reflection as well as sharing. If you would like to be a part of this group, please commit to attend all 10 meetings, it will no longer be a drop-in group. Together, the group will decide: day, time, weekly/ or bi-weekly. Until the Covid-19 crisis is over, we’ll be meeting through Zoom.

Please email: if you would like to join a group & respond with days of the week, approximate times & if you would like it to be weekly or bi-weekly.