BUUF member Ellen Higdon is sponsoring a potholder fundraiser for BUUF. In Ellen’s words:

“In order to keep my sanity (such as it is) during the pandemic, I have been making potholders and now have so many that I am making them available as gifts as a BUUF fundraiser. These are 7″ x 9” all hand made, including the binding. They have a fluffy and heat resistant layer inside. I have made a variety of colors and patterns. These will make fabulously thoughtful gifts for Thanksgiving, or other upcoming holidays.

For $20 you will receive two matching potholders. (Some designs are pictured at right.) While I am taking about $5.00 for materials and shipping, the remainder of the $20.00 will be given to BUUF. If you are interested, you can email me at steed0102@hotmail.com or call 475.220.2004 and leave a message.”