March 25, 2018 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am

Children’s Sunday — Be lifted by a service led by children of the Berrien UU.

The topic of the service is “One Important Thing.”  The young ones will, with the help of their parents, create a collage on a standard sheet of paper showing us “One Important Thing.”  The collages will be projected, individually, on to a screen while each young person takes 30-60 seconds to explain the meaning of his or her collage.  Aurelia Eberly is our Chalice Lighter, Will La Fleur will be our poet.  Isaak and Connor DeGraaf, Gene Ruggless-Reed, Lois Sundstrum, Oliver Rojas-Lion, Persephone Tusciuk, and Helena La Fleur will be our presenters.  Eleanor Lownds will be reading the Story for All Ages.  Zac Lownds and Gretchen Ohmann will each bring a special music piece; John Tusciuk will be our projectionist; and Harvey Johnson will lead be song leader. (As a bonus, we may get some help from our teenagers.)

After the children leave for Religious Education, Rev. Jim McConnell will deliver a message titled: “One Important Thing to Know about Children.”

P.S. If your child is not listed above and would like to take part in the program by making a collage and speaking for 30-60 seconds, let Jim know and we will include him or her in the service.  Jim’s email is: jemcconnell@hotmail.com