June 9, 2021 @ 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
Jim Fuller
Driveway Repair Help Needed

A group of dedicated BUUF volunteers has created a plan to repair the large potholes in our driveway. They are in need of strong hands and backs to assist. If you are able to assist at any of these times, please contact Jim Fuller at c.yak56@yahoo.com.

Wednesday, June 9th: 2-3 folks are needed for 4-6 hours and lots of hose to run the cutter’s cooling and dust suppression. Work will likely start early in the day.

Thursday, June 10th:  2-4 folks, 4-8 hours depending on what we find under the old asphalt and our proficiency getting the drain set to the proper elevation and grade.

Friday, June 11th: 3-4 folks and 4-8 hours. Re-rod and forms and compaction of the dirt.

Saturday, June 12th is the big day moving the concrete into the forms. 5-6 people and again 4-8 hours. Work will likely start early in the day. Extra hands are welcome to help with odd jobs, clean-up and bringing refreshments to those who are moving the heavy concrete.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can hep!