Do you ever wonder how the food we eat affects the planet and our fellow human beings? This guide provides information on making wiser choices with our daily diet related to Climate Change. According to BUUF Board Trustee Diane Gibbons, “Keeping our UU Faith principles and values in mind, this guide helps us see how our daily food choices can impact social justice, environmental justice and animal rights justice issues.  The fact that what we eat actually affects what others can and can’t eat is amazing. I was recently browsing  through starvation/hunger facts and found out that there are over 21,000 people alone here in Berrien County that don’t have enough to eat and are nutritionally at risk. The majority are children and are in neighborhoods of inequity. When I look at the fields around us full of fruit and vegetables,  I can’t help but wonder… can that be?” This guide helps to explore the answer to that question. Click here for a link to the Eco Food Guide.