Sunday, April 1st, Rev. Jim McConnell’s message is titled: “Resurrection for UU’s?” An Easter Egg Hunt is planned for the children.  Join us for First Sunday Potluck, too!  Not everyone brings a dish everytime, but everyone is invited to enjoy the food and fellowship.

This Sunday, April 1st is Easter Sunday for 2.2 billion Christians; but what does Easter mean for UU’s? To find out, Rev. Jim McConnell will, in his message, attempt to demythologize the Easter story and uncover the universal elements of rebirth, renewal, and transformation that occur at every level of life in the Universe–from the evolution of a new species, to the 4000 years-old worship of the ancient goddess, Astarte, in the Mid-East, to the creation of new stars from black holes. Most importantly, we will discuss what renewal, rebirth, and transformation means to modern UUs and investigate how renewal of the human spirit is, at first, experienced as suffering and how not to waste our suffering.

Our readers will be Connie Degraaf, Lisa Quinlan, Jaryn Ruggless, and Tanya Tusciuk. Dennis Higdon will be sitting in the Poet’s Corner and Beth La Fleur will be at the piano.