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Sunday Service
Sunday, Jan 7

What is “White Privilege” and why isn’t it recognized? Join us this Sunday for a very special service titled “Letter from Birmingham Jail: Revisited” led by Dave Sarra, our Director of Religious Education.


First Sunday of the Month Potluck!

Bring a dish to pass, or bring just your appetite. Not everyone brings a dish every time, but everyone is encouraged to enjoy the food and fellowship.

BUUF White Privilege Teach-In
Sunday, Jan 7

What is “White Privilege” and why isn’t it recognized? Are you a person who considers yourself white, but don’t feel privileged because of your skin color? Or do you identify yourself as a non-white person of color, who finds it difficult to explain to white people the privilege they enjoy? Or, perhaps, are you a person who feels that since the U.S. Declaration of Independence stated in 1776 that “all men are created equal” – that all men in our country have been treated equally under the law from that point on, and you don’t understand why racism is still an issue?

Whether or not you fit into any of these categories, please join us as we define and give examples of white privilege. We’ll consider the role of religion in white privilege. We’ll also touch on other forms of privilege which contribute to our society of inequality (for example has anyone ever written “all women are created equal”?). Materials will be provided to help you understand white privilege, to assist you in communicating this concept with others, and to encourage you to become an ally for those less privileged.

This Teach-In is a continuation of the White Supremacy Teach-Ins initially requested by BlackLivesUU of the Unitarian-Universalist Association in April of 2017, when over 700 UU congregations participated. After delivering the message during our morning Sunday service on January 7 (Letter from Birmingham Jail Revisited), BUUF’s Director of Religious Education Dave Sarra will lead the Teach-In from 1-3 PM following a potluck luncheon.