At one time or another, many people encounter an unanticipated financial obligation that they do not have the resources to meet. These obligations might involve an unexpected medical bill, a sudden change of employment, or an emergency home repair. The current coronavirus pandemic is very likely to create such financial emergencies for many. In response to the pandemic but also as an ongoing expression of our commitment to one another, BUUF has created a Caring Fund to assist members and friends who are experiencing a financial emergency. Formal guidelines for this fund were accepted and approved at the April 4th BUUF board meeting. Lisa Fuller and Rev. Jim McConnell have been appointed custodians of this fund. In addition, a couple of BUUFers have already kick-started the fund with generous contributions.

At this time, we want to let our members and friends know that they may apply for a fund distribution if needed. Since we are a small community, the Caring Fund is able to provide one-time assistance up to $350 for financial emergencies. (In rare cases, an exception may be made.) A person in need of financial assistance may contact Lisa or Rev. Jim and explain the circumstances and how the money would be used. The gift may not be used as a substitute for money that would be available from another source, for example, an insurance policy. This is a gift, not a loan, and it is not intended to be repaid. Specific information about gifts will remain confidential.

If anyone would like to donate to the Caring Fund using contributions above and beyond their annual pledge, please send a check to BUUF and specify its purpose. Contributions may not be earmarked for specific, individual recipients.

We hope this fund will provide a safety net for BUUFers struggling with financial issues, as well as a giving opportunity for those looking to help others possibly facing a financial emergency, especially during these challenging times.