As you’re likely aware, Mother’s Day is Sunday. For the fourth year, MUUSJN is encouraging participation with MI Liberation for the Black Mama’s Bail Out!

More than a “bailout,” this yearly event has evolved into a quest for transformational change across the criminal legal system in Michigan. It is so exciting that since last year’s “bailout,” Washtenaw County has brought an end to cash bail! We are making progress! Statewide legislation was also re-introduced, a bi-partisan bill package: House Bills 5436-5443.

This year, we hope to get as many Mamas home to celebrate with their children as possible, but we need more help!  We hope to get as many Mamas home by Sunday, but will continue over the next couple months, until we have exhausted all resources. We are putting priority on bailing out black mothers; however, no one will be turned away, due to gender or race.

There are many ways you can help:

●      First of all, in order to bail out, cash is necessary. MI Liberation is hoping to raise $50,000 for this initiative, this year. Please consider a personal donation, and ask your congregation or social justice group to also consider a donation.

●      MI Liberation is looking for volunteers to answer hotline calls from prospective candidates about the bail out process, this can be done from your own home.

●      Volunteers are also needed to go to the jails, as part of a squad with MI Liberation to bail people out. This process can take 1-4 hours, and is a first hand opportunity to learn what the experience is like. It’s often not as simple as you would expect.

●      MI Liberation needs constituents to join them in Lansing each week to talk to our elected officials about the need to end cash bail and educate them about the current bipartisan bill package.

●      Publicity and communication support is also needed!

If you know someone who could benefit from this bailout. Please send their name and where they are in jail to Earl Burton at

Do you have other ideas or resources to offer? Let me know and I’ll get you connected!

Thank you for your commitment in uniting families this Mother’s Day, and continuing to work for justice in our “Criminal Justice System”.

Here is a link to the very moving panel that MUUSJN, MI Liberation and the Advancement Project co-hosted last year. Women directly impacted and failed by the criminal legal system shared their stories and experiences.

In Peace, Jenny

Jennifer A. Teed
(she, her, hers)
MUUSJN Special Projects Coordinator