Please click on your child’s name to download their unique BINGO card. If you do not see your child’s name listed, please click on one of the cards labeled “extra.”

Please print the card(s) and ask your child(ren) to join the Zoom meeting on Sunday at approximately 11:30am. There will be small prizes for each winner, which will be awarded once we meet again in person. Children will need both their BINGO card and chips for covering squares once they are called. Pennies or paper clips make good BINGO chips. Once a square is called for the first time, we’ll spend a minute or two talking about the meaning of the image. It could be one of our principles, a famous UU, or an image that has special meaning for BUUFers, such as the welcoming congregation logo, the green sanctuary logo, helping hands, etc. So we hope that children will learn a little something along the way!

Roman B

Chloe C

Eric DS

Cesar DS


Aurelia E

Althea E

Coraline E

Ishmael G

Iris H

Lennox H

Will LF

Helena LF

Ben LF

Oliver LR

Reuben L

Adah L

Iris L

Zelda M

Gene R

Rosie R

Lois S

Extra #1

Extra #2