From October 19 to 25, you can watch 10 powerful environmental films from the comfort of your own sofa, even dressed in your favorite flannel pajama bottoms. And, about half of the events will feature interviews with filmmakers or film subjects. They may or may not be in their pjs, too—we’ll never tell!

What you will discover is a deeper understanding of the environmental issues you care about. One Earth’s 2020 theme is “The Power of We”—and while we are flexing our citizen muscles this fall by voting in the 2020 election (right, everyone?), we can also inform ourselves about how to improve the health of our communities while protecting our beautiful planet.

Check out the schedule—then reserve your tickets now. All are free, with an $8 suggested donation that can help us bring you more view-from-home film screenings and programs. Join One Earth’s Fall Mini Film Fest!

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