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Joys and Sorrows


Welcome to Barbara, who visited BUUF for the first time this Sunday and really took our volunteer appreciation day to heart...she helped clean up the kitchen after our luncheon!

A group of BUUFers went to see the musical The Addams Family on Saturday, starring five of our members: the La Fleurs - pictured at right (David as Uncle Fester, Beth and Helena) and Dennis & Ellen Higdon. Our pianist Candace Onweller volunteered as music director for the show. We are so proud of our stars!

Linda Lobik shared what a joy it was to have Diane Gibbons and Sandy Walker help with weeding the memorial garden.

An environmental activist in Australia was moved by one of Nan Lundeen's poems ("The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth" from Gaia's Cry) and asked for permission to use it; even better, Nico Rojas made a professional video of the poem for sharing!

Another exciting bit of news...Nan is a regular contributor to Patheos.com, and they recently published her poem and blog post about renewable energy, with a focus on BUUF's solar panels! 

Gretchen Ohmann and Roger & Kathy Brewin attended UUA General Assembly in Spokane, WA. Gretchen is back at BUUF and getting ready for ChaliceSparx camp in two weeks! 

Julie Williams was happy to help throw a "kitten shower" for a fellow bridge player who recently adopted a kitten. 

It was a joy to honor BUUF volunteers at our Sunday service followed by a special Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. Thank you, Tracie Crenshaw, for cooking up five different pasta dishes for the meal, Rev. Jim for providing garlic bread and desserts, and Joanne Krettek for providing the salad. We love our volunteers! 

Lois Sundstrom enjoyed a week of Girl Scout day camp at Soni Springs camp in Three Oaks. They went swimming and canoeing, made crafts and swaps, grilled every day and got lots and lots of bug bites! 

The RE children enjoyed yet another harvest of fresh vegetables from the children's garden!

To share your joys and sorrows with the larger BUUF community send an email to Office@BerrienUU.org or contact Rev. Jim McConnell at Minister@BerrienUU.org or 574-229-6536.


Sunday Services


July Sunday Services: Congregation-Led

Every Sunday, 10:30am - 11:30am

Several fellowship members are hard at work planning Sunday services for the month of July. Expect to hear new ideas and perspectives and possibly engage in worship in exciting new ways! Although not all service topics have been announced, here's a little preview of what's in the works:

Sunday, July 7: “Prophetic Spirituality” with Beth La Fleur and Jeff Green, followed by our First-Sunday-of-the-Month potluck

Sunday, July 14:  Topic to-be-determined; service led by Sandy Walker, Diane Gibbons, Kim Myers and Linda Lobik

Sunday, July 21: "Sustainable Living” with Warren Krettek and Jason Schneemann 

Sunday, July 28: Topic to-be-determined; service led by Nico Rojas, Katharine Lion, John & Tanya Tusciuk, Jaryn Ruggless and Rachel Reed

There will be no pianist at these services and no RE classes. Rev. Jim McConnell will be attending rather than leading the services (although he may have a little to add from time-to-time!) If you'd like to volunteer your creative or musical talents, help with child care, or otherwise assist, please contact the service leaders. They will be most appreciative!  

Special Note: The entire BUUF staff will be taking a break during the month of July, so this will likely be the last BUUF Announce until August. Please check our Facebook page or the bulletin boards in the back of the Fuller Fellowship Hall for updates. You may also email new BUUF president Harvey Johnson at president@berrienuu.org with questions. 


This Month at Berrien UU

BUUF Brunch: Small Group Ministry on "Friendship"

BUUF Brunch: Small Group Ministry on "Friendship"

Thursday, July 11, 11:00am - 1:00pm

Small Group Ministry is meeting to share in Friendship. We will learn about one specific definition of friendship. We will explore how we have grown in friendship. We lovingly invite you to join us & break bread over our Potluck brunch, have a time of peace then commune by telling our stories and listening to one another with open hearts. This session will be led by Dorothy & Charles Long.

Any questions may be emailed to Katharine (dre@berrienuu.org). Here is a link to the readings and questions which you may choose to review before the meeting. The readings are also available on our website.

Small Group Ministry Readings on Friendship

Add to your calendar.

July Book Club Meeting: "Lucky You" by Carl Hiaasen

July Book Club Meeting: "Lucky You" 

Friday, July 26

7:00pm - 9:00pm

The July Book Club Meeting will take place on Friday, July 26th, from 7:00pm - 9:00pm at the home of Ellen and Dennis Higdon. July's book club selection is "Lucky You" by Carl Hiaasen.

"JoLayne Lucks lives in a town infamous for its suspicious miracles, but she's still elated when her lottery numbers finally pay off big-$28 million, to be …

Read more or add to your calendar.