We held our Annual Congregational Meeting on Sunday, June 5th. Thank you to everyone who made the time to attend the meeting. Last year’s annual meeting minutes were approved. Also, congratulations to the following individuals who will continue serving or were elected to board or committee positions.

Board of Trustees and Officers

(2022-2024) Harvey Johnson, President (interim through December 5, 2022)

(2021-2023) Bridget Lorenz, Vice President (continuing)

(2021-2023) Dick Berndt, Treasurer (continuing)

(2022-2024) Lia McCoskey, Secretary

(2022-2024) Joan Guilfoyle, Trustee (Chairperson)

(2021-2023) Vicki Dwyer Thomas, Trustee (continuing)

(2022-2023) Silas Lorenz, Youth Observer

Endowment Committee

(2021-2024 Beth La Fleur, Chair (continuing)

(2020-2023) Julie Williams (continuing)

(2022-2025) Joanne Krettek

Nominations and Leadership Development

(2022-2024) Liz Goodwin

(2022-2024) Katharine Lion

(2022-2023) OPEN, serving remainder of Joan Guilfoyle’s term (2021-2023)

A draft budget was submitted for fellowship review. The draft budget can be found here. In order to keep the meeting moving, extended discussion was deferred until the next board meeting. All congregants are invited to attend the meeting on Monday, June 20th at 7:00pm to offer input. The meeting will be conducted over Zoom. Further, a commitment was made to provide more detailed financials (including the Income & Expense report YTD) in the near future.

Suggested bylaw changes were not reviewed at the meeting, as originally planned. These will be provided to the fellowship for a vote at some point in the future.

The fellowship still needs to vote on the proposed Social Justice distribution recommendations for the year. The Social Justice report can be found here. Provided there is a quorum at this Sunday’s service, we will take a vote on whether to approve the recommended distributions. Please review the report beforehand so you can cast your informed vote.

Thank you to the following officers and volunteers who will be leaving their position at the end of this church year. We appreciate their years of service.

Endowment Committee

Glen Smith, Chair

Nominations and Leadership Development Committee

Lisa Fuller, Chair

Joan Guilfoyle

Beth La Fleur


Dorothy Long (Volunteer Bookkeeper, being replaced by Jim Fuller)

Lisa Fuller (Sunday Services Chair)

Joanne Krettek (DRE / Office Administrator)