The Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is...

a caring, open-minded, spiritual community celebrating diversity and welcoming people of all nationalities, sexual orientations, gender expressions, and abilities.

Sunday services begin at 10:30 am

Come visit us. Feel free to ask questions! Please come as you are. Sunday services are led by our minister Rev. Jim McConnell, regular guest speakers and lay leaders.

Winter Weather Notice: If weather looks bad, check the Upcoming Events list. Events not being held will say CANCELLED in the title. BUUF-announce subscribers will get an e-mail notification by 9 am on Sunday mornings if services get cancelled due to weather.

Latest News

This Sunday, December 16th, we tackle the problem of: “What Should UUs Do About Christmas?” Many UUs see the story of the baby God born in a stable and placed in a manger to be a little antiquated and maybe something that is okay for children but not really something that a modern, rational adult […]
Mindfulness is the act of noticing, it is a muscle that we can develop. Learning to develop the muscle of noticing helps one deal with adverse events, get caught up less in worries & helps form deeper connections to others. In addition, mindfulness lowers blood pressure, reduces chronic pain & improves sleep. We invite you to […]
Our Small Group Ministry is meeting December 13th from 11am-1pm. We lovingly invite you to join us. We break bread over our Potluck, have a time of peace, then commune by telling our stories and listening to one another with open hearts. The topic for this meeting is Forgiveness. “We must be saved by the […]