The Berrien Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is...

a caring, open-minded, spiritual community celebrating diversity and welcoming people of all nationalities, sexual orientations, gender expressions, and abilities.

You Are Welcome Here

Sunday services are held every Sunday at 10:30am. Participants may join in person or via Zoom. For information on how to join Berrien UU Fellowship's Sunday Service Zoom meetings or to register for online events, please email




Latest News

Starting date! Tuesday, June 13 at BUUF. Be here at Noon, we will start promptly! (pun intended:) Bring a notebook and pen and your bag lunch. We will be starting with the first question in the book For You When I Am Gone, by Steve Leder. There is a copy at BUUF that Janice left to share. […]
Friday, May 12, 7:00pmfollowing the Ethical Eating Dinner. We will be wrapping up our “Wisdom from the Hebrew Scriptures” workshop series with sessions in May and June. On Friday, May 12th, following the Ethical Eating Potluck, we will focus on the biblical stories involving Abraham and his son Issac. Both the story of Issac’s birth and […]
will meet at BUFFF at 6pm on Friday, May 12th at 6pm. The culinary theme for the meal will be Great Grains! Please bring a dish to share that includes a grain of some sort. Don’t panic! It can be as simple as rice, cornmeal, barley or oats. Plus, there is a large variety such as […]