• Our religious leader, Rev. Jim McConnell, is on holiday, and will return the week of July 23rd. He can be reached by cell phone, if needed.
  • Please join us in welcoming new members: Katherine Lion, Nico Rojas, Ellen Block, Kristen Lownds and Beth LaFleur. There will be an Ingathering Service on the first Sunday of each month to formally introduce new members to the congregation.
  • The last Sunday of each month features our Fabric of Life ceremony, where we take time to remember loved ones who have passed on. Starting this month, the last Sunday of the month will also include a celebration of upcoming birthdays. Join us for this special time of remembrance and celebration.

Upcoming Events

BUUF Brunch

Wednesday, July 12; 11am-1pm

Please join us for a potluck brunch on Wednesday July 12, from 11am-1pm, when we’ll ponder the question: Doesn’t everyone deserve a chance at a good life?

This TEDTalk is described as follows: “Aspirations are rising as never before across the world, thanks in large part to smartphones and the internet — will they be met with opportunity or frustration? As President of the World Bank Group, Jim Yong Kim wants to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity. He shares how the institution is working to improve the health and financial futures of people in the poorest countries by boosting investment and de-risking development.”


Red Tent Event

Wednesday, July 12; 7-9pm

The purpose of this even is to enjoy sacred play. We will learn about oracles, in general, and will learn more about three specific decks: Womanrunes designed by Shekhinah Mountainwater for use in women’s spirituality; Motherpeace Tarot, round feminist cards based on extensive goddess research by their creators Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel; and Inner Child cards, a beautiful fairy tale tarot by Isha and Mark Lerner.

We’ll break into small groups and consult the cards and runes for spiritual guidance. All of them are intuitive, based on our own inner feminine wisdom. We’ll sing songs and build sisterhood. An offering will be taken to buy a gift card for our local Safe Shelter for Domestic Violence. Please bring a snack to share, if able.

Led by Gretchen Ohmann, Nan Lundeen, and Keely Adams. All women of the community are welcome!

Questions? email


Creative Conversations

Thursday, July 13; 7-9pm

Please note the change in date and join us at BUUF on Thursday, July 13, from 7-9 PM for a Creative Conversation on a topic selected by Katharine Lion and described as follows: “Anthropologist Jeremy Narby describes his work decoding Amazonian shamanism and linking their knowledge system to the DNA molecule. He illustrates the concept of intelligence in nature with the story of putting a slime mold inside a maze.” Talk about having “respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part”!


July Book Club

Friday, July 14; 7pm

This month’s pick is A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles.  We will meet at June Blackwell’s home on Friday, July 14.


Fresh Start Children’s Garden

Saturday, July 15; 10am-12pm

BUUF through the Green Sanctuary Team has agreed to provide volunteers to assist with the Fresh Start Children’s Garden in Benton Harbor.  The neighborhood children’s garden, has been led by Emma Kinnard for more than 10 years.  The garden is located at the corner of May and Pearl Streets in Benton Harbor (1104 Pearl Street).


Sunday Service

Sunday, July 16th; 10:30

Join us this Sunday for special guest, Ben O’Hearn, for a service titled “Justice for Migrants, Justice for All”.  Ben works as an attorney for Migrant Legal Aid in Grand Rapids.

MLA is dedicated to defending and preserving farmworker jobs, dignity, health, income; and legal and human rights.  In 1973, migrant workers and their families had no voice to stand up for their right to safe housing and working conditions or their right to earn a fair wage. They struggle to maintain basic human dignity, from lack of bathroom facilities, dangers posed by pesticides, and discrimination. Because of their poverty, their transitory lifestyle, and their language difficulties, they face barriers to civil legal services. Out of this need, the legal community in Michigan formed Michigan Migrant Legal Assistance Project, also known as Migrant Legal Aid, a non-profit agency.