Upcoming Events

BUUF Board Meeting
Sunday, September 10

Sunday Service
Sunday, September 10

This Sunday, September 10, BUUF joins many Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations by celebrating a Water Ceremony/Communion Service as a ritual of welcoming members of their congregation to a new church year. The first such service was conceived by Carolyn McDade and Lucille Longview (originally called “Coming Home, Like Rivers to the Sea: A Women’s Ritual”) and was created for the November 1980 Women and Religion Continental Convocation of Unitarian Universalists in East Lansing, Michigan.

BUUFers bring to the service a small amount of water from a place that is special to them (or water from the tap that is symbolic of that special place). During the appointed time in the service, we’ll one by one pour our water together into a large bowl. As the water is added, the person who brought it tells why this water is special to them. The combined water is symbolic of our shared faith coming from many different sources. It is then blessed by the congregation and poured into our Peace Garden. This inter-generational service is a wonderful opportunity for our children to tell us about places special to them (and give our adults a chance to know more about our children).

The Water Ceremony/ Communion Service is an excellent opportunity for Unitarian Universalist congregations to express their commitment to our Sixth Principle: We covenant to affirm and promote the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all.

Planning Ahead

BUUF Brunch
Wednesday, September 13

Please join us at BUUF for a Potluck Brunch from 11 AM to 1 PM on Wednesday, September 13. We’ll watch the TedTalk titled Hamilton vs. Madison and the birth of American partisanship. Read more.



September Book Club
Sept 15th at June Blackwell’s

An American Childhood by Annie Dillard

From Publisher’s Weekly: Dillard’s luminous prose painlessly captures the pain of growing up in this wonderful evocation of childhood. Her memoir is partly a hymn to Pittsburgh, where orange streetcars ran on Penn Avenue in 1953 when she was eight, and where the Pirates were always in the cellar. …

Read more.



Creative Conversations
Wednesday, September 20

Please join us at BUUF for an evening of Creative Conversations from 7 to 9 PM on Wednesday, September 20. We’ll watch and discuss the following talk recommended by June Blackwell: A black man undercover in the alt-right by Theo E. J. Wilson. The program is described as follows: “Scroll down below any viral video and you will find users …

Read more.