Upcoming Events

BUUF Brunch
Wednesday, September 13

Please join us at BUUF for a Potluck Brunch from 11 AM to 1 PM on Wednesday, September 13. We’ll watch the TedTalk titled Hamilton vs. Madison and the birth of American partisanship. This talk is described as follows: “The divisiveness plaguing American politics today is nothing new, says constitutional law scholar Noah Feldman. In fact, it dates back to …

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September Book Club
Sept 15th at June Blackwell’s

An American Childhood by Annie Dillard

From Publisher’s Weekly: Dillard’s luminous prose painlessly captures the pain of growing up in this wonderful evocation of childhood. Her memoir is partly a hymn to Pittsburgh, where orange streetcars ran on Penn Avenue in 1953 when she was eight, and where the Pirates were always in the cellar. …

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Sunday Service
Sunday, September 17

The theme of this Sunday’s service is “On Being a Citizen of the World.” Harvey Johnson will lead the service, Rev. Jim McConnell will bring the message, Nancy Drewno will tell the Story for All Ages, and Marilyn Klawiter, Gretchen Ohmann, and Jim Dalgleish will bring us some wonderful music.

If we are going to solve the big problems that our species faces, Global climate change, terrorism, and poverty we are going to have to learn how to work together as a world community. “America First” nationalism and blind patriotism are inadequate and often harmful. We must expand ourselves politically and spiritually to become global citizens.


Planning Ahead

Creative Conversations
Wednesday, September 20

Please join us at BUUF for an evening of Creative Conversations from 7 to 9 PM on Wednesday, September 20. We’ll watch and discuss the following talk recommended by June Blackwell: A black man undercover in the alt-right by Theo E. J. Wilson. The program is described as follows: “Scroll down below any viral video and you will find users …

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Environmental Justice Film Series presents Food Chain$
Thursday, September 21st

FREE — popcorn included — BYOB encouraged There is so much interest in food these days yet there is almost no interest in the hands that pick that food. In the US, farm labor has always been one of the most difficult and poorly paid jobs and has relied on some of the nation’s most vulnerable people. While the legal …

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